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Resurrecting DWL-2100AP – Here is the way to reflash Your continuously rebooting dwl2100

Small client side mast -Small, easy to be build rooftop mast

Wlan Antenna Splitters – My collection of power wifi antenna splitters – also Hybrid stacking of biquads

Biquad CRAZY !!! – This man is stacked 8 and 9 biquads

wlan splitters more … – some interesting things of stacking antennas and using splitters

DIY Hi-Gain Antenna on Cheap 😉 – Name said it all – easy to make matched dipole and reflector : homemade rulez

2400mhz.net.ru is closing … 🙁 – first wifi-connect.ru now 2400.net.ru Second good wifi forum closing in less than a year – really sad news.

interesting things from summer … – interesting staff find during the holiday i august I used the net only for ~5 haurs

Dual Radio Router Interfacing Project – in these days you can connect almost anything to a cheap wifi router – why not second wifi adapter?

Backfire Helix Feed – Interesting spirall feed