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Ubiquiti : Come See the Latest in AirMax Technologies

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

New Europe presentations is coming. 25 new wisp products will be presented to internet service providers. Hope to see a new last mile solutions and new wireless technologies , helping us to cover more large regions will be great.

Ubiquiti : Come See the Latest in AirMax Technologies

Pac Wireless 5Ghz GD58-29 Gird Antenna Feed

Friday, October 2nd, 2009


Hi all!

I am totally happy men today – someone finally posted undercover pictures of one of most used antennas for 5ghz pac wireless gd58-29 gird. As you can see this antenna have very interesting cover of the feed, this exact shape can’t hide much and i was 99 percent sure that there is a dipole hidden inside. And now i finally can see this thanks vesuviustreamline on the forum.

Link to the thread on the forum

You can also visit the vesuviustreamline site

And interesting part – pictures of this antenna

gd58-29 pac wireless 5ghz feed 04

pac wireless 5ghz antenna feed undercover


Connecting Simultaneously to Several with Neighbours to Increase ADSL Capacity – by ClubADSL

Monday, March 23rd, 2009


ClubADSL makes it possible to share ADSL with neighbours to increase capacity.

ClubADSL only requires a wireless card and can operate with any trade access point, regardless of the operating frequency or any other parameter such as speed, encoding, etc. These characteristics mean that it is easy to implement for Telefónica ADSL users who already have systems with wireless cards.

The ClubADSL prototype not only achieves increased speed, but also provides an equal sharing of the broadband available among the different clients in the Club. It also provides service quality in local user traffic, giving it priority over the other members of the Club.

Video  after the break. (more…)