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Ubiquiti : Come See the Latest in AirMax Technologies

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

New Europe presentations is coming. 25 new wisp products will be presented to internet service providers. Hope to see a new last mile solutions and new wireless technologies , helping us to cover more large regions will be great.

Ubiquiti : Come See the Latest in AirMax Technologies

Pac Wireless 5Ghz GD58-29 Gird Antenna Feed

Friday, October 2nd, 2009


Hi all!

I am totally happy men today – someone finally posted undercover pictures of one of most used antennas for 5ghz pac wireless gd58-29 gird. As you can see this antenna have very interesting cover of the feed, this exact shape can’t hide much and i was 99 percent sure that there is a dipole hidden inside. And now i finally can see this thanks vesuviustreamline on the forum.

Link to the thread on the forum

You can also visit the vesuviustreamline site

And interesting part – pictures of this antenna

gd58-29 pac wireless 5ghz feed 04

pac wireless 5ghz antenna feed undercover


Ubiquiti Networks airMAX TDMA MIMO technology

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

airmax tdma

The advantages of Ubiquiti Networks airMAX TDMA MIMO technology:
– 300 + subscribers per sectored base station
– 150Mbps + Point to Multipoint speeds
– Low Stable latency responses for VoIP and Video applications as network scales

Be one of the first in the world to try the airMAX MIMO technology and place your order today and we will ship your order as soon as equipment becomes available by the end of August.

Time division multiple access (TDMA)

Technology used for example in GSM networks, Motorola Canopy, DVB, etc. This is a smart and sophisticated system sharing one frequency supporting multiple users on an accrual basis. Each of the users, who share the frequency, has a dedicated time slot. This is in very rapid succession of individual transmissions creates a transmission hannel, called timeslots, used for communication between client and base station unit (access point).


** To get full AirMax performance, all radios have to be AirMax products.

** AirMax is not compatible with AirOS 3.x or any other manufactures’ products or OS.

** Non-AirMax UBNT products and other manufactures’ products cannot be upgraded to an AirMax product.

And from
If you have AirMax on, and you take note of proper installations signals and fade margins, then you can reach in upwards of 100 user’s. However you must have the bandwidth to support this.