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5 Ghz Bi-conical Omni Antenna

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

5ghz bi-connical antenna5ghz bi-coniccal antenna
5 Ghz omni antenna, as is written on pictures – Bi-conical antenna for 5ghz.

Will be interesting to build and test one of this – there is no diagrams for this one but I am happy to find out schematics and undercover pictures for this one.

Only similar antenna for wifi is discone antenna.

Scaling this antenna to 2.4 ghz band will be easy too.

will be interesting to hear what You thing about this wifi antenna?

WIFI WLAN Patch Antenna with SWR Adjustment

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I really liked this one.

If anyone have one of this network analyzers and do not use it – you can donate it 🙂

Info says :

How to make a WIFI antenna which can be adjusted for best standing wave ratio
from WLAN channel 1 to channel 11

And link to a video :

AirGirdM and NanoBridgeM – InnerFeed Antenna

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Ubiquiti presented new line of devices for InnerFeed AirgirdM for 2.4gz band and NanoBridgeM for2.4 and 5gz UNII band.

AirGirdM is presented as complete airmax CPE Solutions for around  $30USD – great price if you ask me! This one is succsesor of Bullet2M and promise up to 100MB throughput so no real MIMO here.

airgirdm airgirdm 20dbi


Next thing is NanoBridgeM : the first true cost-effective MIMO bridging device. Up to 150MB airmax throughput.