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DIY outdoor all-weather 3G/Wi-Fi router

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Here is one really good looking diy project.

One very good build diy box for outside wifi use with plans so you can build it too.

Very good ventilation and drainage, heating and leds for knowing what is going on in.

link is here :

you can find plans building one.


New FLUKSO hardware platform

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

New info about Flukso hardware.

I always wonted to buy one for my home , may be soon. They are around 90 euros.

By the way Flukso is : “FLUKSO is a web-based community metering application. Install a Fluksometer near your fuse box and you will be able to monitor, share and reduce your electricity consumption through this website.”

Here pictures of first Flucso version.

flukso arduino fonera

flukso arduino fonera fon arduino

They used Fonera and custom Arduino. But as seem there is new strategy for the ver 2 board. Custom main board computable wit OpenWRT and pin-out for Flucso or Mesh Potato add-on board.

Dragino has a powerful 180MHz CPU, 8M flash, 16M RAM, Ethernet, Wifi and runs OpenWRT firmware. Applications include remote control of robots, data logging, web applications for data presentation, mesh networking over Wifi and many more.The Dragino is open software & open hardware design released under the the Creative Commons License.  The modular Dragino design also enables rapid development cycles for commercial products – just design a custom micrcontroller board and you have a turn-key commercial microcontroller/embedded Linux product.

fluksometer_v2 dragino

dragino board

Dragino open hardware Flucso ver 2 point 0

I hope soon will seen a lots of different designs based on Dragino board.

More info at and

Ubiquiti new range of products 900Mhz and 3.65Ghz

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Ubiquiti presented 3 lines of new wireless products.
The BIG news is the new frequency – new Airmax will work at 900Mhz and 3.65Ghz.

airmax-900mhz-3ghzWhit this new product Ubiquiti  get out of the noise at 2 and 5Ghz.

New airmax at 900Mhz can be used at NLOS applications.

900mhz airmax m900 nlos mimo applicationsRevolutionary 900MHz 2×2 MIMO AirMax TDMA Performance:

100Mbps+ Real Throughput using 20MHz wide channels
40Mbps+ Real Throughput using 10MHz wide channels
20Mbps+ Real Throughput using 5MHz wide channels

At the other side is new airmax mimo products working at 3Ghz band.

3ghz airmax m365 for noise free linksAirmax M365 working at 3.65GHz will need FCC registration, providing protection and coordination between multiple operators. The result is reliable, carrier class links with no interference.

The third thing is first Ubiquiti home router.

Introducing AirRouter, Ubiquiti’s first indoor commerical WiFi Router featuring powerful AirOS features. Capable of connecting over 100 meters away at 150 Mbps speeds. AirRouter is an indoor ultra-long range 802.11n WiFi Access point that features 5 X 10/100 BASE-TX (Cat 5, RJ-45) Ethernet Ports, USB Port, and an integrated antenna.

AirRouter utilizes version 5 of Ubiquiti’s AirOS builds upon the market leading intuitive user-interface loaded with advanced wireless configurations and routing functionality.