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Trendnet TEW-510APB AP

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009


Hi again.

I am absolutely happy today – I have several of this Trendnet TEW-510APB AP  and they worked like charm.

The backbone of my small network is one of these. I get it installed before 3 years ago on a “tower” – I just plug it and it worked as expected. I use 5ghz to transmit to it and 2.4ghz to spread signal in AP mode. Installed in metal box and connected only to the power.

It just worked year after year – only restarted by the power spikes – in Bulgaria we have “funny” power.

And this AP was worked Till now, five days ago it stopped. To go up again 3 years after I installed this AP is really a problem – first of all – my weight : I am 20 kilograms more now – and this can be an life treat. I was not sure will I even can reach it 🙂

Second I searched from where I can buy a spare one – and I cant find any. 🙁

Whatever – can You realise my surprise finding that someone just pull out the power plug – I plugged it back and this machine is working again!

So today I am TOTALY happy men! 🙂