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MSI RG60SE Serial Port :(

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

After one week of attempts I give up! I cant find a way to connect serial to this router.

In first look there is four pin near the reset button that looks like serial – I measure them first and last give me +5V , second to the reset is a ground – but when I tried different configurations it did not worked – may be this is not a serial pinout.


In terminal window I get only : Gi1¥ and everything stops.

Please if anyone know and understand serial hardware and device interfacing – contact me.

rg60se internals

You can find firmware for rg60se but I did not reflashed this yet.

There is only web interface – all other ports seems to be closed.

This is the my device firmware version – all in the web interface is connected to Germany MSI site –

msirg60se firmware version