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RouterBOARD 433AH

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

RouterBOARD 433AH

RouterBOARD 433AH

The RB433AH is a more powerful version of the standard RB433. The 128MB DDR will be capable of supporting new RouterOS features coming. The microSD slot supports an additional memory card that can be used for a Dude database and other features to be announced in during Spring ?08. (more…)

OPEN Router Board – New Interesting Hardware ?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

There are no interesting antennas laying around so lets look for new hardware.

LATVIA is maybe a good place to life and study – the home of Mikrotik OS and their routerboards a new company is bringing new open router board.

Open embedded hardware bring us open software solution for wireless networking. They deigned small router board based on PowerPC cpu running on 266 or 333MGhz, 2 mini PCI slots, 2 LAN, 8MB flash, compact flash and up to 512 or RAM. /info about system specs is from openrb site and video on tube from cebit/

There are two interesting things here – folks from openrb says that software will be FREE and other thing is that You may be will be able to choose hardware configuration for your router. Mentioned price is not so good, its around 100 euros for full configuration of the board.

openrb open router boardopenrb open router board

So everything looks good on paper will be great to have one more company building quality hardware.

Bad thing is that they do not yet sale this. We will wait and see will this new open router board will be born.

And one last thing using only open source they can’t get all goodies of payed OS, so maybe hardware is not all.

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Finally Get My RB133

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Yesterday I finally found my Routerboard RB133 🙂

I received mail from Landatel support with my tracking code on 10-th January. It says that package is send on 28-th December and they tryed to deliver 3 times on the address. Interesting is that I beg for tracking code for a whole week! I send 5 or more mails to the support! On last tree of them I do not have response until this last one!

Whatever I GOT it! 3 days before leaving Spain and Barcelona 🙂 ! Right on time!

And here some picks :

RB unpacked , RB133 and CM9 car, and card installed.

rb133routerboard rb133 and cm9 cardrouterboard rb133 and cm9 card installed

It was interesting will it have RouterOS installed? It must have level 4 license for RouterOS.

I found some 12V adapter and plugged it on. It light up and beeped /it have a beeper/, there is one blue LED continuously powered and a green one which flashes wile booting.


I downloaded some software – NeighborViewer shows an IP address of the bard.

My board came with IP maybe this is default address, I’m not sure.

And winbox – windows interface to the mikrotik.

It connected flawlessly – so it came with RouterOS preinstalled !

So this is for now, some test when I have time.

And here last picture from unpacking 😉 Salute !