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DIY Hi-Gain Antenna on Cheap ;)

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Very Cheap Dipole feeders – they are easy to be build and you do not need a lot or expensive materials. Everything here can be made from wire or scrap /I watch too much scarpwars on Discovery channel 🙂 /

I found some very interesting looking feeders for dishes – VERY cheap to make, first is made only from feeder line 🙂 or simple coax.


A simple dipole feed. Good solution to illuminate parabolic constructions (solid, grid etc.) Heliax holds the dipole, as well as feeds the N-type female connector to the back. Tests shown 4 dBi (against Lucent 24 dBi parabolic grid). “

Second is Russian of course

Name of the file is interesting too D_Linc3_008.jpg


Interesting materials – onli several pieces of pcb board are used – very good.

From the same forum are these too –

d1.jpg d2.jpgdipole_construction.gif

Last pic is from

And for the end howto make wire reflector or DIY Parabolic Grid Reflector

diy reflector

Info is from this :

19dbi gird blueprint :

19dbi gird blueprint

For me is easy to buy small offset dish – 80cm is around 10 to 15 Euros here.

Horizontal Polarized Omni

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Horizontal Polarized Omnis are mystery for me 🙂 . Anyone was seen open vertical polarized omni for wifi. Whit horizontal ones there is another story. Except slotted waveguides /these works great/ , but they are really big things.

Here is one idea for horizontal omni or “double helix antenna” :


Mast is used for reflector for for this one. Ant in the internet there is a lot of designs for spiral antenna. Difference here is that is used dual spirals. Coaxial line is hidden inside of the mast, and its look like that feeding point is on the bottom of the antenna.

One more link – there was calculator for this antenna on that treat : but now I cant find it.

Thanks to the rt_rex You can find calculator on this site : Omni Helix XLS

I hope that soon we can see some results and tests of this antenna.

D-Link ANT24-1800 18dbi wlan antenna

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Some NEW info is available about this antenna new pictures here.

This one look interesting so here some info about it.

Most of the info came from these sites :

So no doubt that russians show this antenna to the world – Thanks !

More antenna specifications

Input : 50 ом

Frequency range : 2.4 -2.5Ghz

Gain : 18 dBi

Polarization : Linear, vertical

VSWR 1,5 max

Diagram : horizontal – 15° vertical- 15°Dimensions : 360 x 360 x 16mm

D-Link ANT24-1800 18dbi wlan antenna

More pics can be found in the upper sites.

Drawings from elk again d-link 1800.rar but on You can find another two files which may be the same – I’m not shure.

Dimension between pcb plate and reflector is 9mm.

I’m not sure but, this antenna will be hard to reproduce because we do not have info about thickness of substrate nor dielectric constant of the material. So this is not a option to build and test for me right now.