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MSI RG60SE Serial Port :(

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

After one week of attempts I give up! I cant find a way to connect serial to this router.

In first look there is four pin near the reset button that looks like serial – I measure them first and last give me +5V , second to the reset is a ground – but when I tried different configurations it did not worked – may be this is not a serial pinout.


In terminal window I get only : Gi1¥ and everything stops.

Please if anyone know and understand serial hardware and device interfacing – contact me.

rg60se internals

You can find firmware for rg60se but I did not reflashed this yet.

There is only web interface – all other ports seems to be closed.

This is the my device firmware version – all in the web interface is connected to Germany MSI site –

msirg60se firmware version

Resurrecting a bricked Netgear WGT624

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Here You can find very good tutorial how to resurrect bricked Netgear router WGT264 without using a jtag cable :

There are some interesting steps in this tutorial. First is the step 4 were the trendnet firmware is stripped or converted from .img format to .elf file.

“… Step 4.

The TRENDnet firmware needs to converted from its .img format to the .elf format so that the file is bootable over TFTP. I used and the following Linux command to strip the superfluous header information :-

dd if=510APB_1121US.img of=510APB_1121US.elf skip=52 bs=1
Second interesting thing is that the author is used AP firmware to reflash router. May be will be possable to reflash a router and use different wireless modes like AP client or WDS ?

Resurrecting DWL-2100AP

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

I have this clone of D-link DWL-2100AP.

It worked great for a 10 mounts – after that AP begin to continually rebooting. It is not possible to upload new firmware whit tftp.

Now whit OpenWrt on fonera there is more info how the staff works whit this atheros based APs. A lot of info is available on Italian and Russian sites.

What I make to re-flash my 108mb atheros ap. PCB is clone of DWL-2100AP rev.2.