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MSI RG60SE Serial Port :(

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

After one week of attempts I give up! I cant find a way to connect serial to this router.

In first look there is four pin near the reset button that looks like serial – I measure them first and last give me +5V , second to the reset is a ground – but when I tried different configurations it did not worked – may be this is not a serial pinout.


In terminal window I get only : Gi1¥ and everything stops.

Please if anyone know and understand serial hardware and device interfacing – contact me.

rg60se internals

You can find firmware for rg60se but I did not reflashed this yet.

There is only web interface – all other ports seems to be closed.

This is the my device firmware version – all in the web interface is connected to Germany MSI site –

msirg60se firmware version

MSI RG60SE Wifi Router

Monday, November 12th, 2007

MSI RG60SE wireless router review.

I bought one for fun – just to see what is inside and to try to play whit it.

Price ~ 35 Euros

msi rg60se box

This picture may confuse You – this device has only one antenna on its back.

msi rg60se packing

What is inside of the box – router, ac adapter and antenna, also two pages of printed documentation and a disk.

NO LAN cable! So You need to make or buy one to connect the router for first time configuration.

rg60se front

RG60SE front panel.

rg60se back

On the back side of the RG60SE router we have 4 port switch, WAN port, power in, reset button, rp-sma antenna.

ac adaptor

RG60SE Ac adapter – output 0.8A at 9V this is the ways better than dlink or linksys strange voltages.

5dbi rubber duck antenna rg60se

And finally antenna – as I said reverse polarity sma – surprise was that this is at least 5dbi antenna – whit two metal tubes and a spring, if anyone need a dimensions I will post them.

Now the fun part – let see what we have inside !

According to the speed I suspected that this is atheros device but nobody can be sure until you open and see the board.

rg60se internals

everything open


Here it is closer look – Atheros AR2318 soc chip, interesting because Atheros do not have this chip listed in their product line. They had AR2317 which is only 54Mb as speed and it is used in WRT54G 7-th version I thing.

atheros ar2318

Here is a link to the Atheros AR5007AP-G platform – AP61

The main difference between AR2317 and AR2318 should be only the speed this is often in their products.

ar2317 block diagram ar2317 ref board

Block diagram and reference board. RG60SE is very closer to the Atheros reference board.

Elpida S6416AHTA-75-E rg60se msi

RAM chip is a 64Mbit Elpida chip, model S6416AHTA-75-E – datasheet may be fount on the Elpida page : E0439E70_EOL.pdf
Marvell 88E6060 RCJ1 msi rg60seMarvell 88E6060 RCJ

Another chip Marvell 88E6060 is used for the lan part. LinkStreet_88E6060.pdf


Last thing is the flash chip –Spansion FL016AIF, I am not sure but this should be the datasheet : s25fl016a_00_c2.pdf

So this is all about the RG60SE hardware, You can find a lot of similar devices around :

Linksys wrt54g ver.7 uses AR2317,

TP-link WR541G + uses AR2318,

So this is just a TP-Link router just neet to know which one???

Its 108mb wireless router so it must be TL-WR642G which have 3 hardware revisions.

Ver 3 has Intel flash so its defiantly not mine and it also support WDS function.

But this is for now – I still cant find LAN cable to connect to mine new router 🙂

T-link update firmwares

Update and screenshots of RG60SE UI soon 🙂


Manual for RG60SE PDF file ~ 15mB tl-wr542g_4 some of the pictures are from here. some pics are from this site