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OpenWRT over DLink DWL2100AP ?

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

There a new second version of the tutorials /manual for re-flashing Atheros based hardware /DWL2100AP clones /appeared .

I did not covered it all but seems that is added tutorial for installing OpenWRT as a the new part – which is quite interesting. I must chek will the wireless will be working whit last versions of the Kamikaze firmware.

Another thing are schematics for jtag cables. Which is needed for re-flashing dlink dwl2100ap.

The main difficulty for installing openwrt is deferent flash types used in different revision of the access point.


Translated version of the article on

DWL3200 5dBi omni

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Original D-Link antenna used in DWL3200. This is rated as 5dBi omni.

Original found on forums posted by Katts – thanks a lot for the pictures!

link to a thread :

Now will be interesting to find one of these 7dbi linksys antennas – here ripped !

All pics I found are here .

5dbi omni antenna (more…)