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DIY WIFI Antenna Double-Dual Biquad 16-17 dBi

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Double-Dual Biquad 16-17 dBi



What can I say – looks interesting 🙂

And must be tested maded enataerly from pcb plate, or instad of pcb to try with coax ? is deleted the pictures of this antenna???

More here

Bigger Version of Coax Omni Antenna

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

This is just a bigger version of previous coax antenna.

There is no info available about gain or anything els.

Used coax is RG-213

Coax Omni Antenna

Coax Omni Antenna

On site also suggest some sort of franklin dipole :

Coax Omni Antenna

I thing that this design will be fun to test.

May be will work ? What you thing ?

Small Coax Omni Antenna for WIFI

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Found on

I cant find original site of this antenna there is links on Zero13wireless forum.

I cut a lot of coax without any success before time in attempt to make a coax omni antenna.

This thing here is looking different. But maybe will work.

small coax wifi antenna

This is the idea :

30mm in the beginig 1/4 wave – may be patching section.

40 mm of outer of coax is used to dephaseing sections.

60 mm sections as 1/2 wave radiators.

And that is.

small coax wifi antenna

small coax wifi antenna