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Martin In Tears As Foneros Rip Him A New One

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Looking users are angry on Fon for showing new products and stopping to support old buggy 2.0n routers.

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Martin’s cheerful post yesterday, about yet another router model, didn’t go over well with the Community of worldwide Foneros. Comments were open, so everyone jumped on poor Martin’s case about the previous router models which still aren’t stable, particularly the latest one, which has been abandoned for several months with major issues still pending.

Martin’s blog post is an absolute HOOT to read. The angry, cheated Fonero Community descended upon him, demanding action, and his response was to literally cry and attempt to make Foneros feel guilty that his skeleton staff is overworked. Sorry Martin, that’s not our fault!

Mikrotik goes N

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Mikrotik now have 802.11n support.

There are 2 new 802.11n mini-PCI wireless cards R52n and R2n that both support wireless 802.11n standard in addition to 802.11abg or 802.11bg ( R2n ).

Finally it’s possible to achieve 200Mbps actual data throughput over wireless links!

Mikrotik R52N 802.11n mini-PCI card

Mikrotik R52N 802.11n a/b/g/n mini-PCI card

R2N Mikrotik 802.11n b/g/n wireless atheros based mini-pci card

R2N Mikrotik 802.11n b/g/n wireless atheros based mini-pci card

802.11n test
We tested a pair of RB600A devices, each populated with the new R52n card, that were each connected to a pair of antennas. Running a bandwidth test from a RouterBOARD 1000 on each end, we achieved up to 30000pps and 194.3Mbps throughput. The applications are limitless. With new laptops supporting 802.11n by default, you can increase your local network capacity four times of the previously possible speeds.

RB600A with R52n
Result units                                       Mbps       Pps

Routing w/ Conntrack                        183     15000

Routing wo/ Conntrack                      195     16000

r52n test results

r52n test results

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R52n and R2N Specifications :

Prices are 40$ for b/g/n and 50$ for a/b/g/n card.