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Ubiquiti new product line

Friday, October 29th, 2010

ubnt camera airbeam antenna rocket

You can see all the pictures in next post.

AirSync – GPS synchronization – looks great (maybe you can put 5 radios on your tower and use only one channel)!

GPS sync.

The GPS receiver integrated in the RocketM5, rocket have 3 rpsma connectorsAirbeam rocket have also GPS receiver.

Rocket M5Rocket M5New Rocket m5 connector close.

AirBeam – something like 90deg. sector antenna but inside is 7 high gain separate antennas. Radio is switching between antenas – receives only on antena where particular CPE is connected => antena is sector but acts as directional – high gain, limit interferrences
Omnidirectional antena for Rocket M5

AirBeam Sector beam-forming antennaairbeam beamforming sector antenna

90 degree angle, 16 degree beamwidth, 24dBi Energy per Beam, 7 inrependant beams.

90 degree beamwidth beam steering antenna. That will allow a 43 dBm EIRP on your access points now.

Dual polarity omni antenna for Rocket.

UniFi – WiFi for enterprise – very nice indoor accesspoint with wall/ceiling mount, central management for all accesspoints from server.

Indoor access points with centralized management.

Unifi wifi ap router

AirCam – ubiquiti’s IP camera + whole software solution (NVR…) which works with cameras from 3rd party manufacturers

IP cameras and NVR software.

The camera is a full 720p, 30FPS h.264. AirVision utility and product line AirCam are expected in December.

NanoBridge M900 passive reflector for M900 to increase gain and directionality.

NanoBridge M900

3GStantion – 3GStation 3g to wifi AP?


TOUGHCableelimination of Ethernet and PoE problems. Available q4.

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