List of All Panel antennas on my site.

14dbi Panel Antenna – Dual sided PCB board antenna, but small dimensions – perfect for integration whit AP

11dbi SMC Panel Antenna – This small antenna give me EXTREMELY good results, and it is incredibly easy to be homemade

D-Link Ant24-1200 Sector Panel Antenna – My expiriense about building and testing this panel antenna

23dbi 5ghz PCB Panel Antenna – 802.11a antenna

Hyperlink 14dbi 90degres Sectorial – This one is tutorial & HOWTO professionals build antennas

14dbi 18dbi and 20.5dbi PCB Panel WiFi Antenna for 2.4ghz and 23dbi for 5ghz Band – As the name says this is collection of tree very similar by design antennas for different bands

Biquad CRAZY !!! – Building antenna using 8 /eight/ biquads

You may wonna see my Wlan Antenna Splitter page where is hybrid array of 4 biquads

D-Link ANT24-1800 18dbi Wlan Antenna – Name said it all – what is hidden inside Your DLink panel antenna

5Ghz – 28dBi – Wimax – PCB – Panel – Antenna – Take a look inside Wimax antenna for 5ghz band

D-Link ANT24-1800 Again … – There was new pictures about this antenna

Array of two smc 11 – Stacking two of this great antennas give You more than 14dbi

Crazy summer time … – we maybe never see the blueprints for this antenna, but at least it look interesting whit promising around 18dbi – You decide will you believe or not
Curtain Quad Panel Wifi Antenna 18dbi