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Tales from the towers.

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Tales from the tower – a great reading, no mater if You are beginner or wisp provider.

It takes a look over present last mile wireless wifi solutions, wireless interference, wifi antennas and all equipment You’ll need to start small or large wireless isp.

The author Rory Conaway talks about business models and possibilities to design different types of networks in different situations.  Tales from the tower may be considered as howto for building low cost wireless networks that cover small areas or huge wifi networks covering hundreds of kilometers.

In one word great reading.

Here a link to the first chapter of the series : Tales of the towers chapter 1 : wireless-isp-experience-building-large-wifi-networks

Ubiquiti AirMax MIMO Sector 5GHz Antenna Undercover

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Ubiquiti AirMax MIMO Sector Antenna 5GHz

Finally pictures of new Ubiquiti AirMax antennas.

Images are posted on forum.

Personally I will like to see more detailed pictures of this sector antenna. Interesting was to see the feeding network of the antenna and radiating elements.

This one is 5GHz AirMAX sector antenna.

Very interesting design.

Ubiquiti AirMax MIMO Sector Antenna 5GHz (more…)

5 Ghz Bi-conical Omni Antenna

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

5ghz bi-connical antenna5ghz bi-coniccal antenna
5 Ghz omni antenna, as is written on pictures – Bi-conical antenna for 5ghz.

Will be interesting to build and test one of this – there is no diagrams for this one but I am happy to find out schematics and undercover pictures for this one.

Only similar antenna for wifi is discone antenna.

Scaling this antenna to 2.4 ghz band will be easy too.

will be interesting to hear what You thing about this wifi antenna?