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Bigger Version of Coax Omni Antenna

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

This is just a bigger version of previous coax antenna.

There is no info available about gain or anything els.

Used coax is RG-213

Coax Omni Antenna

Coax Omni Antenna

On site also suggest some sort of franklin dipole :

Coax Omni Antenna

I thing that this design will be fun to test.

May be will work ? What you thing ?

Small Coax Omni Antenna for WIFI

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Found on

I cant find original site of this antenna there is links on Zero13wireless forum.

I cut a lot of coax without any success before time in attempt to make a coax omni antenna.

This thing here is looking different. But maybe will work.

small coax wifi antenna

This is the idea :

30mm in the beginig 1/4 wave – may be patching section.

40 mm of outer of coax is used to dephaseing sections.

60 mm sections as 1/2 wave radiators.

And that is.

small coax wifi antenna

small coax wifi antenna

10GHz Slotted Waveguide with Wings

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Horizontally Polarised Omnidirectional Slotted Waveguide
10-slot winged K5SXK/WA5VJB based design

Also interesting radome is build.

Here are the pictures.

10GHz Slotted Waveguide with Wings 10GHz Slotted Waveguide with Wings 10GHz Slotted Waveguide with Wings

Now using wings we getting bigger ground plane – ro this is writen in big books – i must try this some time.

I lake the radome too it is simple to make.

And as final we get quite strange shape for this antenna 🙂 , I like this too.