New OpenWRT Beta Backfire 10.03

March 11th, 2010

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OpenWRT announced new beta version. Support for Atheros N and 71xx devices.

More info on :

The OpenWrt Team would like to announce a beta of the next major release, codenamed Backfire. Testing of this build will help refine the code in preparation of the final release.

Binaries can be downloaded at

* brcm-2.4 updated to 2.4.37 kernel
* other targets updated to 2.6.30 or 2.6.32
* gcc updated to 4.3.3 for arm/mips targets, 4.4.3 for powerpc
* uClibc updated to
* b43 wireless driver for Broadcom 11g chipsets on the 2.6 kernel
* ath9k wireless driver for Atheros 11n chipsets
* support for many new ar71xx devices
* magicbox target folded into ppc40x

new targets:
* brcm63xx – Broadcom ADSL modem/routers chipset
* cobalt – MIPS-based servers from Cobalt Networks
* orion – Marvell Orion devices

Known Issues:
* ipv6 resolution via uClibc can produce segfaults
* busybox httpd occaisionally segfaults or hangs, but luci uses lucid instead of httpd by default. kill -9 should be used if it refuses to die
* luci is still being worked on for this release, some configuration is missing, partiuclarly switch config and 802.11n options

Note: We said we’d tell you when brcm47xx should work for those of you with Broadcom wireless, the time is now, start testing.

Yours truly,

The release management team
Andy Boyett & Nicolas Thill