Connecting Simultaneously to Several with Neighbours to Increase ADSL Capacity – by ClubADSL

March 23rd, 2009


ClubADSL makes it possible to share ADSL with neighbours to increase capacity.

ClubADSL only requires a wireless card and can operate with any trade access point, regardless of the operating frequency or any other parameter such as speed, encoding, etc. These characteristics mean that it is easy to implement for Telefónica ADSL users who already have systems with wireless cards.

The ClubADSL prototype not only achieves increased speed, but also provides an equal sharing of the broadband available among the different clients in the Club. It also provides service quality in local user traffic, giving it priority over the other members of the Club.

Video  after the break.

Telefónica I+D is using a similar technology to broaden Internet coverage by using lattice networks. On these networks, information moves by jumps over wireless rather than fixed links. With sufficient client density in ClubADSL, it is possible to hold communications without needing to use ADSL lines. The performance given by lattice network technologies in TCP based applications (streaming video or Voice on IP) is considerably reduced. Telefónica I+D has developed protocols based on the Network Coding technology in order to reduce the impact of lattice networks on these protocols to a minimum.

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