Dlink Ant24-1201 Yagi WIFI Antenna

October 12th, 2007

Another Yagi whit interesting design, this time from Dlink.

Original link : http://www.zero13wireless.net/foro/showthread.php?t=1150

PDF Specification : http://www.dlink-me.com/ftp/antennas/pdf/ANT24-1201.pdf


Gain should be around 12dbi.

And here it is what is inside : usual yagi directors are madded from aluminum /i think/ and pcb dipole used as feeding element.

vista_superior_126.jpg vista_inferior_152.jpgdlinkant241201mg7.jpg
You are wondering were did You saw similar dipole feeding ??? 🙂 I tell You : http://www.digdice.com/2007/09/28/sector-antenna-grad2487/
The feeding of the dipole is very similar.

Dimensions for this antenna :