interesting things from summer …

September 4th, 2007

Some thing that i dig from the net during my holiday !

Feed for helix antenna and some ways to match it :


Some strange feeders whit wide band planar spirals ? /if You know what these are tell me please/ :

4bb8c3e8f700817cc0894d3f80b67628.jpg image2.jpgimage.jpg

one circular patch :


Similar link

Interesting sector :

23-05-07_1455.jpg 23-05-07_1530.jpg

dielectric-filled-horn.jpgThis one is dielectric filled horn – rescently I seen one simiar russian antenna .

omni antenna I was used something very similar before time. Omnies are pain in the a$$ to build 🙂

Here is interesting backfire helix for 2.3ghz :

backfire helix feedcloseup.jpgsideview.jpg

CHEAP Signal source for 2.440 GHz :

source3.jpg sourcschem.GIFsource1.jpg

A lot of reading for spiral antennas and qlp feeders 🙂