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5 – 6 GHz Helical Antennas

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Wow ! It’s a surprise for me to see that helical antennas are working so good on 5ghz to 6ghz band. Here is a company that selling them

GAIN ~10 to 11.5 dBic by specification -who knows 🙂

So if You like to try 5ghz wireless links, You may try helical antennas . I’ll be waiting for results if someone try to build and test this.

Here is the picture of one of this – nothing unusual really:

5GHz Helical Antenna5GHz Helical Antenna

DIY Hi-Gain Antenna on Cheap ;)

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Very Cheap Dipole feeders – they are easy to be build and you do not need a lot or expensive materials. Everything here can be made from wire or scrap /I watch too much scarpwars on Discovery channel 🙂 /

I found some very interesting looking feeders for dishes – VERY cheap to make, first is made only from feeder line 🙂 or simple coax.


A simple dipole feed. Good solution to illuminate parabolic constructions (solid, grid etc.) Heliax holds the dipole, as well as feeds the N-type female connector to the back. Tests shown 4 dBi (against Lucent 24 dBi parabolic grid). “

Second is Russian of course

Name of the file is interesting too D_Linc3_008.jpg


Interesting materials – onli several pieces of pcb board are used – very good.

From the same forum are these too –

d1.jpg d2.jpgdipole_construction.gif

Last pic is from

And for the end howto make wire reflector or DIY Parabolic Grid Reflector

diy reflector

Info is from this :

19dbi gird blueprint :

19dbi gird blueprint

For me is easy to buy small offset dish – 80cm is around 10 to 15 Euros here.

Wlan Antenna Splitters

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

At last I have collected a lot of pictures of different wlan antenna splitters .

Some blueprints and links too.

Some dimentions ARE NOT for 2.4ghz !!!

spliter-napoly.jpg powersplitter Similar to up picture but using coaxial cable.

Wilkinson power splitters.


This is just a pics found in the net or cant remember links for them.




The idea/may be/ and ps file and this pic 800 mhz splitter are from here

If some one explain me this thing here I’ll buy a couple of bees 😉
“It is possible to use old 800 MHz cellular phone power dividers/combiners at 2.4 GHz because of the 3rd harmonic relationship.

Different designs :


spliter-n.gif I found this one completed whit some pics – sorry again can’t find link to original file. Send me a link if You know it.


PCB Splitter wlan design from

pcb splitter pcb splitter

Coaxial line splitter / divider for four dipoles or biquads

four bicuad coaxial linefour bicuad coaxial linefour bicuad coaxial linefour bicuad coaxial line

4 biquad dipoles connected using coax line4 biquad dipoles connected using coax line4 biquad dipoles connected using coax line

Next there is another 4 way coax splitter :

4 biquad dipoles connected using coax line

You can search for 23cmhybrid.pdf or Hybrid-Double-Quad-Array-D.pdf

Last this one is without coax :

1162.jpg 1183551009-1162-image-4double_quad_back.jpg

And finally some links :