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Saturday, August 4th, 2007

I was thinking about this one :

“… The doubling of the output power is equivalent to a 3 dB increase in the signal. If the combiner is 90% efficient then a 2.5 dB gain is seen. Note the dichotomy:

· If the antennas point in different directions, there is a 3.5 dB loss at the combiner.

· If the antennas point in the same direction, there is a 2.5 dB gain at the combiner.

(This is a 6 dB swing. 3 dB of this is just the adding of the second antenna, but the other 3 dB is from the combiner becoming a much more effective device.) … ”

If someone understand this and have any info Please send me a link, or tell me what to look for.