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10GHz Slotted Waveguide with Wings

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Horizontally Polarised Omnidirectional Slotted Waveguide
10-slot winged K5SXK/WA5VJB based design

Also interesting radome is build.

Here are the pictures.

10GHz Slotted Waveguide with Wings 10GHz Slotted Waveguide with Wings 10GHz Slotted Waveguide with Wings

Now using wings we getting bigger ground plane – ro this is writen in big books – i must try this some time.

I lake the radome too it is simple to make.

And as final we get quite strange shape for this antenna 🙂 , I like this too.

Polaplexer ?

Friday, February 15th, 2008

What is Polaplexer ?

“… The Polaplexer is a microwave antenna, or antenna feed, which supports two
simultaneous inputs or outputs that are independent and isolated from each other by use
of orthogonal (at right angles) linear polarization. The isolation can be as much as 30 –
35 dB. Its main use is to permit full duplex operation with a single antenna, in which one
port is used to transmit and the other to simultaneously receive
. As long as the transmit
power input to the Polaplexer is limited to 100 milliwatts or so, the receiver input stages
are unlikely to be damaged by the transmitter’s continuous output. …”

I never met this thing before it just came out from no were ! If anybody was tried this please post a comment.


For me is interesting can I use two wifi cards working on different channels with one antenna and this thing?

Russian 5GHz Offset Dish Feeder

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Russian 5GHz Offset Dish Feeder

Source :

Russian 5GHz Offset Dish Feeder

And here is the dimensions :

Russian 5GHz Offset Dish Feeder

The production of this feeder is stopped – there is a new version of this product.

You can buy new version of this feeder from

Its uses small circular patch as feeding element /which is quite interesting for feeding waveguide/- there is no dimensions for this new one – only few pictures :

v-korpuse.gif 5ghz Feeder5ghz Feeder