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Omni-directional microstrip antenna

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Omni-directional microstrip antenna

there is two microstrip antennas :…oma/index.html


Design of this one is based on this pdf file : wp_omni_wireless.pdf You may search in internet for it.

I was tested this BUT without proper material for the pcb – nothing is going on. I’ll search for some old photos.

And second one :



This one is used in older netgear and proxim devices.


23dbi 5ghz pcb panel antenna

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Recently found this one selling – this is good sign usually. Good that i have some more pics of this antenna. Blueprints are lost between my drives.

Keys to search in google – MA-WA58-1X and A73102

Antena mikropaskowa 23 dbi 5GHz Antena mikropaskowa 23 dbi 5GHz

found in some forum – i believe that there was blueprint on 🙁


Mounting : mount2.jpg

or this :

D-Link Ant24-1200 Sector Panel Antenna

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

D-Link Ant24-1200 Sector Panel Antenna

Gain : 12 dbi

web site :
dlink_ant24-1200_2.jpgdlink_ant24-1200_3.jpgD-Link Ant24-1200 Sector Panel Antenna

So I make one but still cant get it working.

In the test witch netstumbler – i get too low results – may be something is wrong, maybe material of pcb board is not the same 🙁

My TEST for dwl 12dbi thing something is wrong whit my ones :

this is room test – distance ~2m
linksys wap11 whit original antenna – AP
zydas zd1211 usb whit rpsma connector soldered and 5 cm coax soldered to antennas.
various antennas tested to be able to compare result.

Second test – tv tower ~1.5 to 1.8km

Same antennas – near same ressults
rubber duckie 2dbi , smc 11 clone , trend omni – original , interline 14 dbi clone and dwl 12dbi

I tried different position of the reflector I used another piece of pcb – no results .
Maybe the material of the pcb board does matter???

Another thing is the low result of interline 14 panel – i was tested it before and get good results.

I’ll make some more tests but i’m loosing faith in this one 🙂

Here is the link to the forum from where i take blueprints for this one