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Small Coax Omni Antenna for WIFI

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Found on

I cant find original site of this antenna there is links on Zero13wireless forum.

I cut a lot of coax without any success before time in attempt to make a coax omni antenna.

This thing here is looking different. But maybe will work.

small coax wifi antenna

This is the idea :

30mm in the beginig 1/4 wave – may be patching section.

40 mm of outer of coax is used to dephaseing sections.

60 mm sections as 1/2 wave radiators.

And that is.

small coax wifi antenna

small coax wifi antenna

Dual-Band 2,4Ghz / 5Ghz Omni WIFI Antenna

Monday, October 15th, 2007


Here is the scans of inside – very thin pcb board is used.


Some time ago I needed some 5ghz antennas – this is the first thing that I bought.

Dual-band 11a/g 7/5dBi Indoor Omni Antenna from trendnet.

The papers says :

Frequency Range 802.11a: 4.9 ~ 5.875GHz
802.11b/g: 2.4 ~ 2.5GHz
Gain 802.11a:7dBi
VSWR 2.0:1
Polarization Linear, vertical
HPBW/ Horizontal 360°
HPBW/ Vertical 802.11a:25° 802.11b/g: 35°

The stupid thing is that on the site specification and in pdf data sheets was said that this antenna have VERTICAL polarization, but now I can see that omnidirectional pattern came whit horizontal polarization!

This may be the reason why I am not happy whit this wifi antenna and it is still laying on my desk.
I will test it again when I have some time.

The other small wifi antenna that I have from trendnet is working great – I have small 5ghz link whit it – these days maybe will scan ti too.

Multipolarized wifi Antenna

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

All my links for antennas whit multi polarization

List of all products of wifi-plus :
Lets begin whit this page here :,13636968

You can find comparison of 5dbi multi polarized to 7dbi rubber duck :
Tested model is : MP 5 OMNI 5dBi CHP

Dimensions of the 17dbi model :

Here a tread whit all the dimensions and tests, also home build versions of 17dbi antenna :

Here You can find a test between 12dbi MP and 14 Yagi in the forest :

MP 12dbi The same as 17dbi version only shorter :

Pictures of 12dbi version

Pictures of Bullet Omni 3dbi (2.4/5.X GHz) and Omni 5dbi (2.4/5.X GHz)

In the net there was also some pdf pathent files one is here : click