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Pac Wireless Feeder 5Ghz

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Here is my collection of pictures of PAC Wireless 5ghz feeder.

Please If Anyone have idea what design is used inside and have any pictures – send me a mail or post a comment or contact me.





one more picture

Backfire Helix Feed

Friday, September 21st, 2007

First – I never made any helix antennas, nor spirals or anything similar. Consider this as warning 🙂 BUT in the HAM world spiral feeders used in dishes is something very often used.


Very simple – small spiral and reflector in front of the dish.

It looks like that in the spirals there are several modes endfire and the normal-mode. This modes are explained on the side, but more reading is needed. Also there is right and left hand rule in these antennas.

On the page is a NEC code witch may be useful to simulate this antenna.

Dimensions on the pictures are given for 2401MHz but the peak for this is around 2.3ghz so for tests whit wifi we must change dimensions a little.

If anyone have the references as PDF – do not bother to send them to me 🙂

more pics :


DIY Hi-Gain Antenna on Cheap ;)

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Very Cheap Dipole feeders – they are easy to be build and you do not need a lot or expensive materials. Everything here can be made from wire or scrap /I watch too much scarpwars on Discovery channel 🙂 /

I found some very interesting looking feeders for dishes – VERY cheap to make, first is made only from feeder line 🙂 or simple coax.


A simple dipole feed. Good solution to illuminate parabolic constructions (solid, grid etc.) Heliax holds the dipole, as well as feeds the N-type female connector to the back. Tests shown 4 dBi (against Lucent 24 dBi parabolic grid). “

Second is Russian of course

Name of the file is interesting too D_Linc3_008.jpg


Interesting materials – onli several pieces of pcb board are used – very good.

From the same forum are these too –

d1.jpg d2.jpgdipole_construction.gif

Last pic is from

And for the end howto make wire reflector or DIY Parabolic Grid Reflector

diy reflector

Info is from this :

19dbi gird blueprint :

19dbi gird blueprint

For me is easy to buy small offset dish – 80cm is around 10 to 15 Euros here.