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Microstrip PCB Balun

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

This is posted on from sushisan

This can be a replacement for coax baluns used in Amos antennas.

Microstrip PCB Balun Microstrip PCB Balun
There is also very interesting pdf file on site.

Actually this is part of a dipole printed on fr4 plate but without dipole.

May be can be madded like NHC 21DBI dipole?

And here something similar :

Poland Dipole Panel Antenna

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

18 or 19dBi – no mater for this one 🙂 . Several dipoles printed on PCB board. Have more dipoles You get more dBis. Will it be 10 12 or 24 – You decide how much do You need.

This is defiantly homemade design. I have one small antenna whit only 4 dipoles – and it works great, so this antenna should work fine. Also will be easy to be rescaled for other bands – 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz only change dimension of the dipoles.

19dbi panel wifi antenna

19dbi panel wifi antenna link to picture

Here is the photo from the other side of the pcb board and other part of feeding element


Picture is from this address : where also have blueprints for less dbi antenna .

On also has several files posted by sushisan .

Link to files

Dlink Ant24-1201 Yagi WIFI Antenna

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Another Yagi whit interesting design, this time from Dlink.

Original link :

PDF Specification :


Gain should be around 12dbi.

And here it is what is inside : usual yagi directors are madded from aluminum /i think/ and pcb dipole used as feeding element.

vista_superior_126.jpg vista_inferior_152.jpgdlinkant241201mg7.jpg
You are wondering were did You saw similar dipole feeding ??? 🙂 I tell You :
The feeding of the dipole is very similar.

Dimensions for this antenna :