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23dbi 5ghz pcb panel antenna

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Recently found this one selling – this is good sign usually. Good that i have some more pics of this antenna. Blueprints are lost between my drives.

Keys to search in google – MA-WA58-1X and A73102

Antena mikropaskowa 23 dbi 5GHz Antena mikropaskowa 23 dbi 5GHz

found in some forum – i believe that there was blueprint on 🙁


Mounting : mount2.jpg

or this :

14dbi panel antenna

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

This antenna has interesting story for me – I meet it in several sites. It lies around for two or more years and I regular find some pics for it. Its interesting design of the active elements and feeding.

It looks like that several of these antennas are opened – one in greek and one is posted in sveasoft forums. Another recently found info in one german forum.

The main thing is that this one is two sides pcb board whit printed on it 4 biquads which are feeded whit microstip lines and connected whit coax in the center.

The good thing about this antenna is its DIMENSIONS – its VERY SMALL ! Only 15 x 16 cm !

As we know small is beautiful so this one is perfect for implementing in small box whit AP and use very small coax line .

The original is : SuperPass. They sold this ones as OEM kit antenna, but already stopped this product.

Model is : SPFPGH14

There was some pictures and scans on sveasoft forums also guiding dimension.

sveasoft scan

reflector psition

Also the is some greek pic of this from

It seems to consists of 8 closed loop dipoles (approx. 320 Ohm each) in phase, binding together with microstrip match lines.
8 dipoles – no f way.

More pictures may be found here and dates are by 2004 year 🙂 but I found this one now.

Finally I posted it in forums and there we collect some dimensions and tuskan tested the antenna. A lot of thanks to tuskan and gunner05.

Drawing by gunner05 in adobe illustrator format.

Here is the page whit tuskan /i think/ antenna and explanations in russian. He build and tested several of these antennas – by his opinion they perform well for the given gain ~14dbi.

It seems to work well, also antenna is grounded.

I still can’t find time to test one of these 🙂

The original russian forum but all collaboration was there.

Soon I will post diy technique to make pcb boards.

DWL3200 5dBi omni

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Original D-Link antenna used in DWL3200. This is rated as 5dBi omni.

Original found on forums posted by Katts – thanks a lot for the pictures!

link to a thread :

Now will be interesting to find one of these 7dbi linksys antennas – here ripped !

All pics I found are here .

5dbi omni antenna (more…)