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Nueva WIFI Antena Panel de 21 dBi’s

Monday, December 21st, 2009


There is new panel antenna on zero wireless site – I am posting images and links to the posts.

Please if anyone have bigger and more quality pictures post them as comment here.


It is real wifi antenna on the first picture – there is not so mush antennas with such amplification so it will be easy to find the model of this one. Will be interesting to see antenna specification and diagram.

LINK to the post on the zero forum :

author :  pareja1234

21dbi wifi panel antenna

Picture of 21dbi wifi panel antenna

dimensions of 21 dbi panel antenna

dimensions of 21 dbi panel antenna - please send me link to more quality image

Dlink Ant24-1201 Yagi WIFI Antenna

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Another Yagi whit interesting design, this time from Dlink.

Original link :

PDF Specification :


Gain should be around 12dbi.

And here it is what is inside : usual yagi directors are madded from aluminum /i think/ and pcb dipole used as feeding element.

vista_superior_126.jpg vista_inferior_152.jpgdlinkant241201mg7.jpg
You are wondering were did You saw similar dipole feeding ??? 🙂 I tell You :
The feeding of the dipole is very similar.

Dimensions for this antenna :


Multipolarized wifi Antenna

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

All my links for antennas whit multi polarization

List of all products of wifi-plus :
Lets begin whit this page here :,13636968

You can find comparison of 5dbi multi polarized to 7dbi rubber duck :
Tested model is : MP 5 OMNI 5dBi CHP

Dimensions of the 17dbi model :

Here a tread whit all the dimensions and tests, also home build versions of 17dbi antenna :

Here You can find a test between 12dbi MP and 14 Yagi in the forest :

MP 12dbi The same as 17dbi version only shorter :

Pictures of 12dbi version

Pictures of Bullet Omni 3dbi (2.4/5.X GHz) and Omni 5dbi (2.4/5.X GHz)

In the net there was also some pdf pathent files one is here : click