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Horizontal Polarized Omni

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Horizontal Polarized Omnis are mystery for me 🙂 . Anyone was seen open vertical polarized omni for wifi. Whit horizontal ones there is another story. Except slotted waveguides /these works great/ , but they are really big things.

Here is one idea for horizontal omni or “double helix antenna” :


Mast is used for reflector for for this one. Ant in the internet there is a lot of designs for spiral antenna. Difference here is that is used dual spirals. Coaxial line is hidden inside of the mast, and its look like that feeding point is on the bottom of the antenna.

One more link – there was calculator for this antenna on that treat : but now I cant find it.

Thanks to the rt_rex You can find calculator on this site : Omni Helix XLS

I hope that soon we can see some results and tests of this antenna.

Wlan Antenna Splitters

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

At last I have collected a lot of pictures of different wlan antenna splitters .

Some blueprints and links too.

Some dimentions ARE NOT for 2.4ghz !!!

spliter-napoly.jpg powersplitter Similar to up picture but using coaxial cable.

Wilkinson power splitters.


This is just a pics found in the net or cant remember links for them.




The idea/may be/ and ps file and this pic 800 mhz splitter are from here

If some one explain me this thing here I’ll buy a couple of bees 😉
“It is possible to use old 800 MHz cellular phone power dividers/combiners at 2.4 GHz because of the 3rd harmonic relationship.

Different designs :


spliter-n.gif I found this one completed whit some pics – sorry again can’t find link to original file. Send me a link if You know it.


PCB Splitter wlan design from

pcb splitter pcb splitter

Coaxial line splitter / divider for four dipoles or biquads

four bicuad coaxial linefour bicuad coaxial linefour bicuad coaxial linefour bicuad coaxial line

4 biquad dipoles connected using coax line4 biquad dipoles connected using coax line4 biquad dipoles connected using coax line

Next there is another 4 way coax splitter :

4 biquad dipoles connected using coax line

You can search for 23cmhybrid.pdf or Hybrid-Double-Quad-Array-D.pdf

Last this one is without coax :

1162.jpg 1183551009-1162-image-4double_quad_back.jpg

And finally some links :