Ubiquiti Networks airMAX TDMA MIMO technology

September 23rd, 2009

airmax tdma

The advantages of Ubiquiti Networks airMAX TDMA MIMO technology:
– 300 + subscribers per sectored base station
– 150Mbps + Point to Multipoint speeds
– Low Stable latency responses for VoIP and Video applications as network scales

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Time division multiple access (TDMA)

Technology used for example in GSM networks, Motorola Canopy, DVB, etc. This is a smart and sophisticated system sharing one frequency supporting multiple users on an accrual basis. Each of the users, who share the frequency, has a dedicated time slot. This is in very rapid succession of individual transmissions creates a transmission hannel, called timeslots, used for communication between client and base station unit (access point).

FROM : http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r22926519-AirMax-compatibility

** To get full AirMax performance, all radios have to be AirMax products.

** AirMax is not compatible with AirOS 3.x or any other manufactures’ products or OS.

** Non-AirMax UBNT products and other manufactures’ products cannot be upgraded to an AirMax product.

And from http://www.ubnt.com/forum/showpost.php?p=50068&postcount=4
If you have AirMax on, and you take note of proper installations signals and fade margins, then you can reach in upwards of 100 user’s. However you must have the bandwidth to support this.


SAN JOSE, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
Ubiquiti Networks, a leading innovator in outdoor broadband wireless
technologies, today announces a disruptive global outdoor broadband wireless
technology called AirMax. 

The technology enables real outdoor TCP/IP speeds of 150+ Mbps and consists of
leading edge radio hardware design, carrier class basestation MIMO antennas, and
a powerful TDMA protocol that enables speed and network scalability over
multi-km link distances. Most importantly, the AirMax solution delivers a
price/performance combination that will redefine the economics of outdoor
broadband wireless network deployments around the world. 

The AirMax TDMA protocol was designed with speed and scalability in mind.
Traditionally, the most cost-effective unlicensed band outdoor radio solutions
have been based on the 802.11 (or WiFi) standard. While these solutions can
provide good results in small scale deployments, they typically degrade
exponentially in performance as more clients are added and cause collisions and
retransmissions. Ubiquiti's AirMax technology solves these problems through the
use of a hardware accelerated TDMA protocol consisting of a smart polling
coordinator with smart scheduling and native VOIP packet detection. The result
is a network that can scale to hundreds of clients per basestation while
maintaining low latency, high throughput, and uninterrupted voice quality. 

Along with this next-generation TDMA protocol implementation, Ubiquiti has
introduced a MIMO antenna technology portfolio featuring carrier-class
performance with return loss, cross-pol isolation, gain, electrical downtilt,
and beam width characteristics typically found in only the highest quality of
cellular basestation antennas. The antennas have been designed and field tested
to ensure optimized throughput performance while using both the AirMax protocol
and 2x2 MIMO radio AirMax hardware. 

Ubiquiti has also introduced several AirMax based radio products that allow for
powerful and flexible deployment options. The BaseStation platform called The
Rocket consists of a rugged, hi-power, wide operating temperature, 802.11n based
2x2 outdoor device which was designed to instantly mate to any of Ubiquiti's
AirMax Antennas. For the station side, Ubiquiti has released the next-generation
version of their well-received NanoStation. The new product called NanoStation M
is a compact 2x2 MIMO indoor/outdoor CPE capable of 150+ Mbps TCP/IP throughput
and can link distances up to 15km. Additionally, Ubiquiti offers the flexible
Bullet M radio which can instantly pair to any outdoor antenna to provide link
distances beyond 30km and throughput greater than 100Mbps TCP/IP. 

"We look at AirMax as the technology that will deliver on the promises of what
the WiMax standard was all about. While the WiMax standard incorporated a lot of
the performance benefits of our AirMax technology, it hasn`t delivered on the
cost points the global markets require to make outdoor network deployments an
attractive investment. With AirMax, we took an entirely different development
strategy. Instead of starting with a performance requirement, we focused on
achieving a strict cost target first and foremost. Then we spent the past
several years progressing to the performance requirement, but only while staying
within our strict cost target. The task was incredibly challenging, but the
result is something the industry has never seen before. Essentially, AirMax
enables a multi sectored 300+ capacity 100Mbps+ Basestation to be deployed for
magnitudes less than comparable solutions available today," said Ben Moore VP -
Business Development. 

Ubiquiti AirMax technology based solutions for the 5GHz unlicensed bands are now
shipping. Later this year, many other licensed and unlicensed frequency AirMax
based products will be available. For more information, visit www.ubnt.com.