La Fontenna Clone

April 9th, 2008

Here one very interesting antenna – La Fontenna Clone.

La Fontenna Clone

It was interesting what is inside FON antenna. On site specs they give it 7dbi or 6.5dbi with 3m low loss coax.

On one Italian blog I found dimensions for building a clone of La Fontenna.

I found two posts on this Italian blog :

La Fontenna inside :

la fontenna antenna inside reflector and enclosure la fontenna antenna inside pcb plate, reflector and enclosurela fontenna antenna inside pcb boad

And La Fontenna CLONE ! cloniamo-la-fontenna

la fontenna antenna clone pcb boad

la fontenna antenna clone pcb boad
la fontenna antenna clone pcb boad and reflector

la fontenna antenna clone finale

On site is also PDF and DWG with dimensions for building the PCB plate.

La Fontenna.PDF

La Fontenna.DWG

Here and some dimensions :

Reflector 120mm x 65 mm

PCB plate 71mm x 46mm

Distance between PCB and reflector 11mm

This clone of La fontenna gets ~ 5 dbi

For more info about building this antenna read the blog of the author.

For me this antenna is quite similar to Curtain Quad Antenna or it is some sort of biquad printed on pcb ?

Who can say ?